I had to get my remote start car key reprogrammed while other places kept giving me a run-around. They also had me out of there within 5 mins! Great price and fast service. Definitely recommend.

- Kaylee S.

Best locksmith shop in town. I have never had any problems with any key bought from here.

- Claudette G.

Highly recommend! They were so easy to work with. Called and booked an appt. They came exactly when they stated they would. The process was quick and easy, and they changed all the locks in my house and provided duplicate keys on the spot. The 2 guys who came to my house were very efficient and respectful.

- Danielle R.

They helped me out big time with the replacement of my broken key. They also changed my fob into a new push button case so that it would sync up with the car ignition sensor.

- Tyrone H.

These guys are AWESOME!!!!! The girl that helped was FAST! Even with the COVID, we were there less than 15 minutes. We had 2 keys cut and programmed to our car. It went so well we got 4 house keys also. It was cheaper than we could have had 1 key done at the dealership.

- Carlin B.

 I was told about this place by a friend. I was needing a lock cylinder for my Jeep. I got the cylinder out and took it to them. Within about 2 hours, it was done. They saved me money, and they do quality work.

- David S.

My normal locksmith could not come out for an emergency repair. I called Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths ,and they came out within the hour. Very professional. Extremely reasonable rate. I would highly recommend.

- Thad S.

Did a great job on key duplicates for our RV. Got great service and very helpful and nice to work with.

- Norma C.

The personnel were highly professional and very customer oriented. I would highly recommend this organization.

- Keith K.

Great place, fast place. Nice people. Not sure the younger guy’s name who works in there, but the guy is top notch. 10 stars

- Jake N.

I made a scary mistake this morning and hit the lock instead of unlock button when arriving at day-care with my daughter. These guys were extremely fast and friendly. They arrived and had it open within minutes!! Thank you for the awesome job that you do!

- Anna Christine G.

I had bought three sets of matching deadbolts and knobs. I successfully installed the knobs myself, but my skills didn’t allow me to complete the deadbolts. I had originally called another locksmith to install the deadbolts, but they didn’t come to my area of town, so they suggested Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths. I am glad they did! I called Monday, they set up a time for Wednesday; he was here on time, did all three deadbolts no problem, and the price was very reasonable. The guy was friendly, efficient, and I would definitely use them again.

- Ann C.

I already had a blank bought from eBay and all the local Honda dealers would not cut it. They would only cut one sold by them. Total cost for the blank was about three times what I paid for the blank and for Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths to cut it. Did not need programming as I took the chip from the broken key and used it.

- Cloude P.

This place is fantastic. If you need a key made, this is the place to go. They always have what I need, and I have never had a problem with any of the keys they have duplicated for me.

- Scott R.

Fast, efficient service and keys work fine! I have been going there when needed for probably 40 years. Worth the drive as they have a large range of unusual blanks that are sturdy and not bendable or breakable. Reasonable prices for walk-ins.

- Meline P.

Great service; in and out in no time at all. Had 2 door locksets rekeyed and 5 new keys made for $30 cheaper than buying new locksets and keys!

- Clifton T.

I have used Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths for many years. It was very affordable for them to make a new set of keys for locks to the new house I just purchased. But also, they replaced my Lexus key fob much cheaper than the car dealer could. I always have key copies made here because they are flawless. And finally, the people are just wonderful. A well-established, excellent company that I trust and would drive totally out of my way for!

- Dorothy S.

Very professional and courteous. I had 2 uncut keys that needed to be cut and programmed to my smart car. Well, I only had one cut at first to see if it was going to work, because programming was $50 per key, so I only did one. Well, it worked, so I decided to do the other one, and when I left the store, I was using the last one cut. The next night, I had to run to the store and was going to use the first one that was cut, and it didn’t work. Then, I used the original, and it didn’t work. The only one that worked was the last one cut, so I called them, and they told me to bring it back. They put all the keys back into the programming machine, and it made it where all of them worked at no additional charge for having to use the programming machine. To me, that is great customer service, and I’m very pleased. I will have more keys cut and programmed there as well.

- Tabitha S.

They were wonderful and on time, but when they came out, we had found our keys. They can always count on our business.

- Sterling J.

The service provided by Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths was great. They came to my house and fixed my locks promptly. I would definitely use this shop again in the future.

- Kendrith D.

They are AWESOME. They are nice, very polite, quick, efficient, affordable, and they know their business. I would definitely recommend going to them for any of your key troubles or if you need keys made!

- Janaiya M.

Very nice and knowledgeable staff combined with reasonable prices makes this a really good locksmith company.

- Kenneth L.

They were great. They did everything to the T. They were very efficient and were twice as good.

- Brian R.

Josh is the best. Thanks for getting my new car key set up! You’re a life saver!

- Megan B.

Punctual, professional and knew what they were doing. Provided as many extra keys as requested.

- Renee H P.

I am very impressed with the efficiency and knowledge of the service provider. Scheduling the appointment was easy, and they helped me clarify my needs. They were right on the quote. I would absolutely call them next time.

- Gail M.

Have always been able to fix every issue I have taken to them. (I am a realtor & have seen some “interesting” things.) In this case, they rekeyed an 85-year-old lock in less than 24 hours.

- Kay L.

These people really know their stuff. They can make a key for almost anything, and the price is reasonable.

- George G.

I needed a keyless entry remote programmed to my car plus the backup key cut. They were able to source the hardware, and when it came in, they connected it to the car while I waited and, of course, cut the physical key. The staff was so helpful, and they took care of everything and explained everything in a way I could understand.

- William M.

We bought all new exterior doorknobs for five doors and thought we had matched them correctly based on the code on the front. Turned out the key code was on the back, and we had three different sets! We took three knobs and deadbolts to Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths and had them re-keyed, so now all our exterior doors use the same key! I was able to drop them off, and in less than an hour, they were ready for pick up! And at $5 a lock! Would definitely recommend if you find yourself in a similar scenario!

- Alyssa M.

The best locksmith in North Carolina. You can’t find no better people to work with.

- Wiley L.

I was there 3/23/21 between 2 – 3 in the afternoon. The service was great, and she solved my problems. I was treated with respect and the young lady needed a lot of patience with me. Thank you for your help.

- Mark A.

Was quoted $35 to cut my motorcycle key. Employee couldn’t guarantee that it would work so just make sure you do your research for technologically advanced keys and if they have to be programmed or not. Recommended by the Honda Powersports Dealership, too!

- Tyler P.

Great place to get what you need for home, office, and auto. A very satisfied customer.

- Evie M.

These are real locksmiths, not just key grinders from a box store. You pay a little extra, but the key works right the first time every time.

- A. D.

Had a truck key with chip in it. Not only did they make the key but also programmed it in about 10 minutes for a lot less than dealership.

- Cat F.

The service was prompt, no-nonsense, and professional. The locks have been performing much better than the ones that were replaced, and he adjusted the existing ones to operate more smoothly. Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths will be my go-to locksmiths for all future needs.

- Raymond K.

The locksmith was punctual for the set appointment. He quickly opened the door and found nothing to be wrong with it. Apparently, I had lost a lot of strength after being hospitalized and did not pull hard enough to get the door opened. I was very embarrassed about the situation, but he made me feel better about it by letting me know this had also happened to other people. He had to charge me a service charge, which I understood, but was able to re-key the door and make me a spare key while here.

- Karen P.

They do a really good job. The grandfather and grandson came out to my home. It’s a family business, and they’ve been around for a while. They are all really good locksmiths.

- Brian R.