Rekeying, Mocksville, NC

We will give you an honest recommendation between rekeying and lock replacement.

Rekeying locks is a process that converts the lock for use with a different key than was previously used. It is a service used when all keys to the lock have been lost or there is the potential for some duplicate keys to be in the hands of those who you no longer wish to allow access. Rekeying is common upon purchasing a new home, renting or buying a commercial space, or even when you want optimal security for your vehicle. At Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths, we can assess the lock in questions to determine if rekeying is an option or if lock replacement is recommended or necessary. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we are confident that you can count on us for an accurate solution for your situation.

Rekeying in Mocksville, North Carolina

We offer mobile services in Mocksville, North Carolina, so you do not need to remove your lock and bring it to our shop. However, if you are considering upgrading your locks and would like to see all the options, you are welcome to come to our shop. We have an extensive inventory, including keyless locks that end the need for rekeying.

Regardless of which of our locksmith services you need, be it rekeying, safe services, lock upgrades, or something else, you can have confidence that the results will be exceptional. We back our work with a 30-day guarantee and promise satisfaction with every service. We take pride in knowing there aren’t many security and lock issues that we can’t solve. Contact us today if you need rekeying services or any of the products or services that we offer.

At Aaron-Elliott Locksmiths, we offer rekeying for customers from Winston-Salem, Mocksville, Clemmons, and Lewisville, North Carolina.